2018 Photo Contest

Sorry but voting is over for this year. But enjoy the pictures and vote in 2019!

It's time to vote in our 2018 Photo Contest! Check out all the cute pictures below and vote for your favorite. Please note that the names are to the left or right of the picture if you are using a laptop/deskop and the names are below the pictures if using a mobile device.

Please only ONE vote per person. And feel free to invite your friends to vote too. Deadline is January 6, 2019, midnight, CST

From all those who vote, we will choose one person at random to win a Standard Communication Session. The winner will be announced in our January 2019 newsletter.

So have fun and vote! 
It's cold outside!

Gemma ​submitted by Donna A. of Nokesville, VA
Happy Collie Days!

Cailynn submitted by Christa M. of Holly, MI
Someone told me there are presents under the tree. Is this the tree?

Tessie submitted by Christa M. of Holly, MI
Yes, Easter is my favorite holiday, but I also love Christmas.

Cookie submitted by Carole I, of South Fulton, TN

I am Santa Baby and I know I'm cute.

Lily submitted by Linda S. of Medina, OH
I am the Christmas doggie angel who is an angel all year. 

Bruiser submitted by Linda S. of Medina, OH
My stall will do just fine today! 

Leonard submitted by Debby P. of Dallesport, WA
Dashing through the snow!

​​Essence submitted by Debby P. of Dallesport, WA
White-out winter day.

​​Millie submitted by Debby P. of Dallesport, WA
Do you like my "snowstache"?

​​Sean submitted by Debby P. of Dallesport, WA
Oh...the weather outside is frightful!

​​Zoey submitted by Debby P. of Dallesport, WA
So many presents.... so little time. 

​​Aisha submitted by Debby P. of Dallesport, WA
Ah...the snow. This is where I am meant to be.

​​Phoenix submitted by Janet B. of Olympia, WA

We aren't reindeer, so we thought we'd be Santas. 

​​Rhett and Sarah submitted by Karen J. of Newnan, GA

Sure I'll pose for a picture. Then I want to run around in the snow!

​​Ricky submitted by Karen J. of Newnan, GA

Yes, we are Santa's reindeer. Sure we can fly!

​​Hans, Bailey and Brutus submitted by Diane M. of Glendale, AZ
We just love our Christmas sweaters and we know we look cute.

​​Sugar, Secret and Sammy submitted by Eleanor O. of Pennsville, NJ

Now that is one delicious snow!

Ilsa submitted by Pamela M. of Hillsboro,  OR

Santa, your reindeer are in the barn and all ready to go.

Grady submitted by Mary H. of Cantonsville, MD
Yup, I'm Santa Claws alright!

Eddie submitted by Kristy D. of Sydney, Australia

I am the newest kitty in the family and they sure know how to celebrate Christmas here!

Sage submitted by Alice Y. of Houston, TX
Yes, I'll hold still but for just one more picture!

Lee Roy submitted by Alice Y. of Houston, TX
I'm the angel of the family....or at least I think so.

Marco Polo submitted by Alice Y. of Houston, TX
I just love all the attention. I just love Christmas!

Sheva submitted by Alice Y. of Houston, TX
Now this is what White Christmas should look like. 

Walter White submitted by Alice Y. of Houston, TX
Quick! Give me that carrot before the reindeer see it!

Noah submitted by Mary H. formerly of Paradise, CA
This is all I need to have one Merry Christmas!

Snowdrop submitted by Diane F. of Devon, England
Who needs snow on Christmas morning. I have the beach!

Pebbles submitted by Eve E. of Virginia Beach, VA
Be quiet. I'm waiting for Santa. 

Lois submitted by Karen C. of Park Hills KY 
Santa, thanks for the toy mouse, but where did it go? 

Beau submitted by Barb S. of Wallingford, CT
I think I'm the most beautiful present here!

Kitten submitted by Barb S. of Wallingford, CT

Yes, we are happy. Can't you see our smiles? We love our Christmas outfits!

Gunner and Roxy submitted by Donna D. of Dana Point, CA