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April/May 2019

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Well, the start to spring has certainly been strange in many parts of our country this year. I know last week, I was wearing a heavy coat at 8 A.M. because it was 38 degrees and then I was in shorts by the afternoon because it was close to 80.
No matter how the season change is affecting you, it’s also a time to start looking forward to more time outside. And your animal companions love that too.  So enjoy the spring showers this month because they will bring the beautiful flowers next month.
In case you haven’t noticed, this month’s newsletter is for April and May. Our family is taking a trip to Austria, Germany and Switzerland in early May and by the time we get back, most of the month will be over. So I hope you’ll enjoy this newsletter and look forward to the June edition.​​

Now for this month's newsletter
Human foods that should not be fed to your animals

Words of Wisdom from the philosopher horse

From the Heart – Saving dogs for 17 years!

Subscriber news

Funny animal videos and slide shows

Feature Story –  Stress….yes, your animal can experience this too!

Some laughs and more!
Our office will be closed for vacation starting Wednesday, May 1st and will reopen on Saturday, May 18th.                                   
Subscriber Buzz
Congratulations to Lori W. and her husband, Bill, from San Diego, CA. They adopted a retired Canine Companion named Potter. Isn’t he handsome?
Carol T.  of Litchfield, AZ decided to take her dog, Snickers, on a short vacation to see how she would do on a longer drive and also staying in a hotel. Well, it turns out Snickers was born to travel. Carol said Snickers did wonderfully in the car and she was surprisingly quiet in the hotel rooms. But to top it all off, she played like crazy with Samson, a new puppy that Carol’s mom just got. Way to go Snickers! I see lots of fun trips In your future.  

And Leslie S. of Montvale, NJ just rescued a puppy she named Billy. Leslie said that she and Billy are both doing well in puppy school, but she thinks she has more to learn that Billy does, as he is her first puppy. Congratulations to both of you!  

We love to hear what’s going on with you and your animals. Just send us an email at [email protected] and feel free to include pictures.​​

“I have studied many philosophers and many cats. The wisdom of cats is
infinitely superior.” – Hippolyte Taine

“Thousands of years ago, cats were worshipped as gods. Cats have
never forgotten this.” – Anonymous

“Scratch a dog and you’ll find a permanent job.” – Franklin P. Jones

Are you interested in learning how to communicate with animals? A good way to start is by reading about animal communication. And Animal Connection can help you with our how-to communicate booklet, Making the Animal Connection, that is now in its 8th printing and ready for sale.  

This booklet will give you insights into the many ways that animal thoughts can be shared between you and your animals, along with examples that will help you understand how you may sense these new experiences.

Our booklet is an easy, quick read and also includes a relaxation meditation message to help you calm and clear your mind, which is the first step in communicating.

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Get started communicating. Your animals will thank you!

Want to Learn to Communicate?

Danielle with her dogs, Lucky and Sally


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People Food to Avoid Feeding Your Pets

Recently, I ran across an article about which people foods you should avoid feeding your pets and thought I’d pass it along. Some of the information I knew, like not feeding chocolate or raisins to my dog, but there were some other foods I was not aware were dangerous.

And for those of you who use peanut butter as a treat or to stuff a Kong for your dog, be sure to read the ingredients. Some manufacturers are now lessening sugar but substituting xylitol, which is the sweetner used in gum, which is deadly for dogs. So read those labels!

I hope you find this list helpful. Just click here to see it. 


In memory of
 Delly and Timmy
Our most sincere sympathies to
Anne T. and Eric G.
  on the loss of their loving companions.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and the animals you had the honor of knowing and loving.

  What is a Standard Communication Session?
 A Standard Communication Session is the session that most people choose. It includes 5 questions or areas of discussion with one animal.

You may have a particular issue that you want covered with your animal like telling them about your vacation plans,  adding a new pet to the household or your plans for the family to move to a new home.  People even ask those animals  who came to them later in life what their life was like before they joined their family. The subjects are pretty much unlimited.

I am frequently asked if I can change an animal's bad behavior. I can certainly work with your animal companion to convince them to change their behavior but ultimately it is up to them to make the change, as I don't have any direct control over them. However, I will do my very best to convince them that this change is best for them and thier family and most of the time, they do make a change. There are, however, instances that are best handled through physical training and I will be sure to tell you that before doing the session, so you have the option to decide if the communication session is the best way to approach the situation. 

Here's a comment from Cindy P. of Harrisburg, PA,  who really needed a change in her cat's behavior. 

Danielle, I can’t thank you enough for communicating with my cat, Samson. I have noticed such a big change in his attitude and behavior since the session. It seems like he really listened to your suggestions and is following through. I am thrilled. Again, many thanks.

So are you interested in finding out the answers to the questions you've always wanted to ask your animal companion? Or do you have some messages to pass long?  Animal Connection is here to help you. 
Standard Sessions are $45. Click here if you would like to place an order or go to the Services - Order Forms tab at the top of the page to locate all our session order forms. 

You Tube and Other Video Connections
            and some cute photos too!


This video is so sweet. A dog with a bit of separation anxiety is comforted by the family cat. Click here to see how these two develop a friendship. 

This video is a bit long but so interesting. A deer had twins but one had a problem with his leg. The mom left him but a family took him in and helped him. What a wonderful story with him being returned to the wild after he healed. Definitely worth the watch. Click  here to check it out.

And finally, click here to see these adorable babies with their dogs and cats.


Feel free to email us with any You Tube, other video links or slide shows that you’ve enjoyed. We’ll post as many as we can and credit the first person who emailed us with the link. Also, feel free to send email video attachments. If I can find them published on YouTube, I’ll use them.

From the Heart

This past month I was asked to do a session with a dog named Tink, who is part of Carol N.’s family in Crawford, CO.
Through Carol’s devotion to helping dogs get adopted, she has worked with her local Humane Society to help almost 1,100 dogs be adopted over the last 17 years. I knew Carol helped with rescues but I had no idea she was THIS involved.
And within the last year, a sweet dog named Tink caught her attention as a litter of 2 week old puppies came to be helped. Unfortunately she caught Carol’s attention because she was not doing well, at all.  It turned out that Tink’s stomach was not emptying and her intestines were a mess. So at 7 weeks of age, Tink had surgery to fix her stomach and intestines and thankfully, she flourished after her procedure.
By then, Tink had Carol’s heart and she went home with Carol to her forever home.
If you would like to see a video of Tink before and after, just click here.

Carol, thank you so much for your dedication to the dogs of your area and also for giving Tink a wonderful home after such a rough start to her life.
Thank you from the heart from Animal Connection.                                                                                
Equine High School Cliques: For those of you who know horse breeds, you’ll find this pretty funny!

Quarter Horses: Definitely jocks. Strutting around showing those muscles, showing off their butts....yeah, jocks.

Thoroughbreds: Preppies. Sometimes athletes, never 'jocks'. Monogrammed blankets, leather halters, Nike eventer shoes, the latest custom trailer and tack.

Appaloosas: Could only be the stoners. They like to trip acid so they can watch their spots move.


Shetland Ponies: Frightening, spiky hairdos, snot and attitude and any color of the rainbow....gotta be PUNKS. Some even sport tattoos.

Morgans: They're the nerdy teacher's pets, running around doing everything from yearbook to decorating the gym and ratting out the bikers, stoners and jocks. They have perpetual wedgies.

Drafts (all breeds): No real clique, they're just the big guys who sit in the back of the room. Who's going to STOP them?

Icelandics and Paso Finos: They're the little squirrely geeks who flit around a dance trying to fit in and fail miserably. The kind who wear Toughskins jeans from Sears (or would that be ripoff WeathaBeetas??).

Ahkle Tekl (Akle Takl? Ackle Tackle....!! Akhal Teke!!): Foreign exchange student(s). And no one can spell their names either.

Hackney Ponies: A breed this manic would have to be a band geek. Marching along with their knees and heads held high.

From the Horse's Mouth - Feature Article
       STRESS…yes, your animals experience this too!

Since stress seems to be such a predominant part of our human lives, I thought I’d share some of the insights from animals who have been under stress.

Yes, animals do have stress and do talk about it in their sessions with me. Looking at our animals, we probably all wonder how they could be stressed.  After all, do they have to worry about being on time for work or paying the mortgage or feed bills?

From the messages I’ve received from animals, stress in the animal world is nothing to be ignored.

Although the reasons may be different, an animal’s stress is as real as yours or mine and it can manifest itself in many ways including poor behavior.

Daleilah, a horse who belongs to Kathy W.’s family in Hudson, NH many years ago told Animal Connection about the stress at horse shows.
Although Daleilah enjoyed going to shows, she told me that people should understand that not every horse that is at a competition should be at a competition.  She said that she wishes people could hear their horses sobbing at shows. Daleilah told me that some are begging to leave and not have to compete. Daleilah suggested that people should be required to talk to a communicator to find out if their horse wants to show. She said that for some horses it’s cruel to put them through this. Daleilah shared that she knows their people don’t mean to hurt them, but they are so focused on competition they can’t hear their horse’s heart breaking.

Another horse, Elliot, from New Mexico, told me of his life before living with Ty, when he was a race horse.

Elliot said that being a race horse can be difficult for some horses. It can be hard to come out of it with a good attitude because it’s difficult to stay positive under the racing conditions.  But Elliot did have a fabulous attitude. He looked on this experience as a time to learn to be self-reliant and deal with challenges.  And because of who Elliot is, he transitioned well to a life away from the race track.

And please don't think I am saying all show horses or all race horses do not like their lives because this is not the case. Just like people, some love thier jobs and some are just not in the right line of "work". 

Animals also undergo a considerable amount of stress when a new animal is brought into the family.  Even when I have communicated with an animal and prepared them for the change, they do not always realize the true ramifications of having a new animal companion until the companion is there.

Ginger, a very content cat who belongs to Samantha S.’s family in Ocala, FL was one such cat.  A new cat was going to join the family and Ginger was fine with this as long as the new cat respected her.  Well, when Simba arrived, the situation wasn’t quite what Ginger was expecting.  She didn’t realize what it really meant to share Samantha, her person, with another cat.  This was very stressful, however, with messages communicated from Samantha to Ginger through Animal Connection, Ginger was reassured about her position in the household and the continued love she would receive.

Other times, animals have endured such a great amount of stress from a previous family that it still shows when they move on to a new loving home.

Bay Lee, a beautiful gray Arabian, is an example of this. Bay Lee was abused before she came to live with Mary M..of Caldwell, ID  Thank goodness she found her way to Mary’s loving family.

When I first communicated with Bay Lee 22 years ago, she wasn’t sure she wanted to communicate with me. She was so mistrusting of people that even though I was several thousand miles away from her, she was stressed by the thought that I might harm her.  By the end of our session, she had relaxed some and Mary told me that in the next few days Bay Lee seemed to be a different horse.  For Bay Lee, it was a matter of being able to tell someone about her past and how it affected her. With Mary’s continued love and understanding, Bay Lee became a wonderful trail horse.

I’ve noticed stress in my own animals when we were moving and things were extremely hectic. I explained what moving was all about to both my dogs, but I know Lucky was more sensitive to what was going on with his people and our high stress levels. He showed his stress in his eyes and by his excessive requests for attention. His last family also moved and he was taken to a shelter, so I could certainly understand his concerns about moving. I continued to reassure him that he and his brother, Duke, would go with us and talked about the move with positive comments. Lucky eventually did get more comfortable with the idea of the move, but it took continued reassurance to get past this issue.

What makes the difference in stressful situations with your animals?  Many times the animal feels better once they have had a chance to share their feelings. Just like us, animals benefit from discussing their feelings. They can finally release their stress and move on. But the most important thing is a loving home with people who are sensitive to their animal’s needs.

How can you help?  Speak out loud to your animals and reassure them.  Keep your thoughts and sentences simple. They will understand your genuine sincerity and caring, which goes a long way in helping them to feel better.  Physical contact also helps them to feel more secure. And if you feel your animal is stressed by a particular situation and you can use some help, please contact Animal Connection to discuss how we may be of assistance.

Portions of this newsletter may be reprinted with the written permission of Animal Connection. Several of our subscribers have used Animal Connection articles for publication in their animal association newsletters. We don’t mind at all. Just ask!​​

What is a Reassurance Session?

Reassurance sessions can help both you and your animal through a stressful situation. From being left at home when you go on vacation, to moving to a new stable or moving to a new house, having surgery, adding a new animal to household and much more, a reassurance session can prepare your animal for the changes that lie ahead as well as give you some peace of mind.
Reassurance Sessions are $45. Click here if you would like to place an order or go to the Services - Order Forms tab at the top of the page. 
Words of Wisdom
I recently communicated with Chex, a beautiful horse who is part of Renee E.’s family in St. Charles, IL.  As always, I enjoyed my communication with Chex and found him to be quite the philosopher when he shared this tidbit with me.

Chex told me that people should really learn from horses because people expect way too much from their lives and then are disappointed. Chex said that horses expect little and it doesn’t take much to exceed their expectations.

Well, that is certainly some food for thought. Thanks, Chex, for sharing your words of wisdom.

“One cat just leads to another.” – Ernest Hemingway

“If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude then animals are better off than a lot of humans”  - James Herriot

“Spiritually, if you want to have a role model and don’t want to look to other people or a Master, look to dogs. Dogs have a good relationship with life, generally.”
– Sri Harold Klemp
You know you’re a horse person when….
Your horse gets shoes more often than you.

Your husband does something nice for you and you say "good boy" and pat him on the neck.

You are totally grossed out by human hair in the sink or tub, but don't mind horse hair in your washer, on your clothes, in your food...

Your secretary does a "hay check" on your suit each morning and your first stop in the office is the ladies room to remove the shavings from your shoes.

You buy about 15 lbs. of carrots a week, but wouldn't eat a carrot if somebody paid you.

Your non-horsy friend gives you a funny look after glancing into the back seat of your car, and you realize he's noticed your whips and spurs.

You say "whoa" to the dog.

Your mother, who has no grandchildren, gets cards addressed to Grandma, signed by the horses and the dog.

You see the vet more than you see your child's pediatrician

You stop channel surfing at Budweiser Clydesdale commercials.

Your horse gets vitamins and supplements everyday and you can't remember to take
vitamins yourself.


Animal Connection communicates with all species of animals. In the past, we have had the pleasure of communicating with a variety of cat, dog and horse breeds, birds, prairie dogs, cougars, mountain lions, mules, snakes, vultures, guinea pigs, turtles, ferrets, donkeys, llamas, pigs, coyotes, iguanas and even sugar gliders (you may need to Google the last one!)

All animals are welcomed!

Also, refer two new clients to us who purchase a session and you'll receive a $5 coupon from Animal Connection which may be used to purchase any of our products or services. This is our way of saying thank you for helping our business grow.
Sally celebrating 
Customer Comments

From Eric G. of Ashville, NC…. Thank you so much for the communication. I am glad that Timmy understands the circumstances around his life and his illness. Thank you for your help with Timmy. It is much appreciated.

From Anne T. of Ames, IA…. Thank you for this beautiful, healing reading.  I have to admit, I have a skeptical streak, but this felt authentic.  I think today will begin the healing for me.  

From Carrie T. of Dana Point, CA…..Thank you so much for the wonderful report.Although it was a reassurance for Brandi, it was also a reassurance for me as I am leaving her for two weeks while I go on vacation. By the way, I called her care taker to see how she was doing and everything is just fine. Many thanks again.
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Danielle Sender