Frequently asked questions

Below are some questions that we've heard from our customers, as well as some common questions your animals ask too!

Questions from People

Questions from Animals

  1. Do you need to be with my pet to do a communication session?
    No. In fact, I now have clients in all 50 states as well as all over the world. When I work with an animal, I am not working with their physical body. I am working with their thoughts and since thoughts have no physical boundaries, we don’t need to be together. A good description or picture and their location helps me locate them to do the communication.
  2. (From a dog) What kind of animal are you?
    Although I introduce myself as a friend of their human family, animals can still be unsure of who I really am. Most of our animals are unaccustomed to having people communicate with them. Most have tried to communicate with people but the people don’t hear them. So when I communicate with them, they seem to have a sense that I am a person but they may need to confirm this.
  3. Do you communicate with animals who have passed away?
    I do offer this service and just look for the animal in a different place. I feel very honored to have helped many grieving families by contacting their animal companions helping to bring some closure to this event for them.
  4. (From a horse) Where are you or where do you live?
    Depending upon where the animal lives, I try to reference my location to theirs. Describing my location seems to have meaning for them and many tell me that other animals have told them about places they have never seen.
  5. Do all dogs, cats, dogs and birds see life the same way?
    I’ve actually found that each animal is as unique as each person. Some are wise, even at a young age, some are immature at older ages and each brings with them their own perceptions of the world based upon their experiences. And I can tell you that they are greatly affected by their interactions with human beings. Human interactions really shape their perception of the world.
  6. Do you have to have a special gift or talent in order to be able to communicate with animals?
    I’ve found that anyone can communicate if they just know how. But just like any other skill, you need to practice to improve your skills and many people don’t have the time. A good start would be taking a workshop or reading about animal communication. Animal Connection does offer a how-to communicate booklet for those wanting to start learning this skill. See our order forms if you're interested.

And what do animals tell me the most?
You probably guessed it. They tell me how much they love the people in their family and how much they are loved. Many tell me how much they appreciate all that their people do for them and they realize how fortunate they are compared to some other animals who are not as well cared for.

Thanks to all of you for making these heart-warming thoughts from our animals possible!
If you have some questions about animal communication, feel free to email us at [email protected] . You may see your question and answer in an upcoming newsletter.