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July 1997

Welcome to the exciting world of Animal Communication!

So many of you have encouraged me to share my thoughts and experiences about my business that I decided to take your advice. So here it is….our introductory edition of Animal Connection News Online. 


How Did We Get Our Name?

Believe me, I thought long and hard about our new business name. After all, just the right name was important. But my brain was going dry. So finally my husband, Jay, came up with the answer. (No, not the business name.) He said, why not ask one of our animals?

Well, I didn’t have to ask many of our nine animals. Sylvester, our only male cat, came up with Animal Connection. Now, he’s bugging me to promote him to Creative Director!

                                                                   From the Horse's Mouth - Feature Article
                                                                                                  What is that animal thinking?

At one time or another, those of us with pets have felt that special connection with our animal companions. Sometimes we think we can almost hear them talking. We look at them and wonder what's really going on in their minds. Believe it or not, there is a way to find out. That's what animal communication is all about. 

Now, I’m sure you are wondering how this is possible. Well, although animals do communicate through some vocalization, they also communicate through thought. To see this in action, think about the herd of animals that runs together and then turns on a dime all going in the same direction. 

Or how about the precision of the flock of birds as they change formation in the air. How are they communicating? Through thought.

Most people, on the other hand, rarely communicate this way. Most don't even consider that this is possible. And others just don't have the time or patience to master these skills. This is where an animal communicator can help.

Animal communicators have developed the skills to receive the animal's thought patterns through a variety of ways. Some animal communicators see the thought patterns as pictures. Others feel emotions or even hear conversation in thought form. For me, the animal's thought patterns come through primarily as a conversation supplemented with feeling the animal's emotions and viewing pictures that the animal sends through their thoughts. 

To begin my communications, I always introduce myself and ask the animal if they mind speaking with me. Although I have never been refused, I have certainly received a variety of responses. Tammy, a sophisticated Thoroughbred, told me that she knew I was going to talk to her because her friend in the next corral told her that she was next. And then there was Astro, a black Labrador, who was so excited because he had been waiting for a long time to talk to a person. He was so grateful to finally be able to express himself through me to his human companion. 

Animals and people may use an animal communicator to determine the cause of a problem. 

Jessie, a black and white cat in Florida, told me that the water in his new home made him feel ill. He had been drinking out of puddles and didn’t like that much better. His family purchased bottled water for Jessie after our session. He feels better and his family is glad to see that he isn’t drinking from puddles any longer. Toby, a dachshund from San Diego refused to walk on the grass. He told me that as a puppy his skin had been burned by chemical fertilizer on a lawn and he wasn’t going to take a chance on that happening again. Now that he has been told that his family will not use chemical fertilizers in their yard, he enjoys his walk on the lawn. 

Although the animals tell me many things related to their own personal circumstances, I have also heard many common messages which they have asked me to share with people. Did you know that our domestic animals have a purpose in their life? They want to serve people and be our companions. They also choose the people with whom they wish to live. Samantha, a cat, told me that although she had been purchased to be a companion for the child in the family, that was not her purpose. She has chosen to be with this family to support the mother who she knew would be by herself soon as the family was no longer going to be together.

Rex, a Chihuahua, Corgi mix, told me how he had chosen his family because his purpose was to teach the children about the importance of family and respect for all life. Although these were important issues with the parents, he knew he could show the children these qualities by his example and communicate to them in a special way when they were young.

But the most repeated message I hear from animals is the message of love. No matter the circumstances, our animals trust us to have their best interests at heart. In return, they give us unconditional love and take great joy in being part of our human family. 

So now, are you thinking about all those questions you wish you could ask your animal companion? Would you like to find out more about what your pet is thinking?

Then listen closely to what they have to say. Or let an animal communicator help you and your pet reach new levels of understanding. It’s an experience you won’t forget!


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My husband, Jay, and I recently had the pleasure of once again visiting Sedona, Arizona. Although I was on a business trip for Animal Connection, we also had the opportunity for a bit of R&R.

For those of you not familiar with Sedona, it is in the midst of red rock country in northern Arizona. Sedona is an interesting town... part tourist town and part locals including a very large spiritual community. It has become quite the New Age mecca drawing thousands each year to experience the energy votexes in the area. But that’s a whole other story.

Jay and I enjoyed several mornings of hiking, although not liking heights, I wasn’t thrilled with some of the steep rock climbs we encountered. One of our favorite areas is Boynton Canyon. On our last morning in town Jay and I hiked well into this lush green forested canyon surrounded by high red rock walls that were once the home to the Yavapai Indians. 

We stopped for a few moments to rest after a few miles of hiking. Jay pulled a book out of his backpack and climbed up on a large boulder in the dry creek bed to relax. I found a nice flat rock down below and just sat quietly while taking a drink.

Just as my mind was drifting off, two hummingbirds swooped down on us and then hung in mid-air attracted by Jay’s bright red shirt. We were both startled by their sound breaking the forest’s stillness and even more surprised to see them so deep in this canyon. 

The male flew away but the female found a branch near by and started to sing. I was pleased that she had chosen to stay so close and surprised to hear her sounds as I had never heard a hummingbird sing. Then I thought of the great opportunity in front of me. Why not communicate to this beautiful creature?

We had barely shared a few thoughts when I noticed movement around me. I looked down to find myself being surrounded. There were at least nine small lizards forming a semi-circle in front of me as they stood on rocks, branches, leaves and the ground. As they stared at me, one told me how they were so surprised when I spoke with the hummingbird that they wanted to get closer to this human who could communicate with them.

I wish I could tell you that we had a long philosophical discussion but unfortunately, they ran off when our thoughts were cut short due to some approaching hikers. 

I thought of calling them back but it seemed that our moment together had passed.

But it just goes to show.... Sit quietly and listen to the animals around you. You never know where and when a communication might take place.

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