The Children's Corner - Max Gets A License

An original short story by Danielle Sender

Join Max, the black Labrador, as he continues his adventures with Cory.
Hi! My name is Max and I'm a black Labrador.
I live in this house with the little boy named, Cory. He's my best friend. 
This morning, Cory told me that he and his mom are going to get me a license today. Cory said that my new license would allow me to go to new places and do new things. He seemed very excited about this. If Cory’s excited, then I’m excited. 

While I’ve been waiting patiently for Cory to return home with my license, I’ve been giving this a lot of thought. I’ve been thinking about what kind of license I will have.

Then all of a sudden I understood. I’ve heard my family talk about a driver’s license. That must be it. Cory and his mom are going to get me a driver’s license. 

That way I can go to new places and do new things by driving the car. This will be so exciting. Cory is just a young boy, so he’s too young to drive. But if I have my driver’s license than I can take the two of us to all kinds of exciting places….maybe even fishing, which is our most favorite thing to do.

But wait a minute. Maybe that’s why they’ve been gone so long. I’m getting a fishing license too. That way I can use my driver’s license to drive Cory to the best fishing lakes near our home. Boy are we going to have a good time with me driving and both of us fishing. Having a license is going to be great!
I can just picture all those fish we’re going to catch. In fact, we’ll probably catch so many fish that we won’t be able to eat them all. Hmmmm… I wonder what we’ll do with all those extra fish?

Wait a minute. I know. We’ll open a fish store to sell our extra fish. Cory can do the selling and I’ll have the license….the business license. 

I can hardly wait for Cory to come home with all my licenses. We have so much to do. First, I’ll drive us to the best fishing lakes with my driver’s license. We’ll catch lots of fish with my fishing license and then I’ll have a business license so I can open a store so Cory can sell all the fish.

Cory was right. My license will let me go to new places and do new things. I’m so glad to have Cory as my best friend.

Wait a minute… do you hear that? Cory just came home. He’s calling me and he’s so excited. He has my license. 

Let’s go driving. Let’s go fishing. I’m jumping up and down. 

Then Cory tells me about my license. It’s not a driver’s license. It’s not a fishing license. It’s not a business license. It’s a dog license. But why do I need a dog license? I’m already a dog.

Then my best friend tells me that my dog license means that I am part of his family. I wear it to keep me safe, so I can be returned home if I am lost. He tells me that this is important to my family because they love me so much. 

I think about all those different kinds of licenses and all the exciting things I was going to do with them. But, I would give up driving. I would give up fishing. I would give up having my own store…all for a dog license. 

After all, there is absolutely no better license than one that says my family loves me. 

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