The Children's Corner - Max Moves

An original short story by Danielle Sender

Join Max, the black Labrador, on some more adventures.
Hi! My name is Max and I'm a black Labrador.
 I live in this house with the little boy named, Cory. He's my best friend. 
I'd like to share my story with you.

When I was born, I lived with my dog mom, 3 brothers and one sister. We lived with a family in the city. I was a city dog. We lived very high above the street in a tall building.  I could hear and see all the interesting things that went on the in city from the window way up high.
I saw cars......    I saw trucks.....
I saw the sun rise......   I heard horns beep.....
I heard thunder and saw lightning....
And I even saw very tiny people. When I told my dog mom about the tiny people, she laughed and laughed. Can you figure out why?

One day my mom told me that I was going to live with a new family. This would be my forever home where I would learn to be a good dog. I was very excited about my new family and I wondered what I would see and hear from their windows high above the street. 

The day came for me to meet my new family. I was so lucky because not only did I have a new human mom and dad, but I also had a little boy friend named Cory. I couldn't wait to go to my new home high above the street to see what I could see and hear.

We rode in a car for a long, long time. And when we got out, I saw a house with lots of green stuff all around it. Do you know what that green stuff was?  Yup, it was grass. 
Because I was a city dog I had never seen that much grass. I couldn't wait to run.  And before I knew it, I was in the back of the house playing on lots and lots of grass with my new friend, Cory.

I heard my mom and dad say I wasn't a city dog any longer. Oh no! What kind of dog am I now? Then I heard my mom tell my dad that I'm a neighborhood dog. I'm not sure what that means, but I sure do like all this grass.

I lived with my new family at the house with all the grass for quite some time. Then one day, my family told me that I was moving to a new home. But I thought this was my forever home. I was so sad.

A big truck came and the men took all the family's things from the house. My bed was gone, my bone was gone and so were my dog bowls. Now I was really worried. Who was going to take care of me? Would I get to sleep in my bed again? Would I get food and water at my new home?

My family told me to get in the truck with the man because I was going on an adventure. I was not so sure about this adventure, but I did as my family asked. We drove for a very long time. I wondered if I was going to be a city dog again. Then I wondered if I was going to be a neighborhood dog again. I wondered what kind of dog I would be and who would my family be.

After the long drive, I got out of the truck and I could not believe my eyes. 

There was my bed and my bowls!
There was my dog bone. 

And the best part was....there was my same family.

I looked around and there was even more grass than at my last home. Then I also saw a barn with horses, 
I saw cows and I saw chickens too!
My mom said, "Max, now you're a farm dog."

I have been a city dog. I have been a neighborhood dog. And I have been a farm dog. But do you know which dog I like to be the best?

I LOVE being the dog of my forever family.
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