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September 2019

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Well, we are back in Texas and “enjoying” 100+ degree days. We’re hopeful the temperatures will start dropping soon. But we know Fall in the south is still a long way off.

As the kids get back to school in many families and the season is changing for all of us, routines are changing. And if you have animals in your family, this can greatly affect them. As much as you can, try to keep their routines the same. This is very important to our animal companions and helps to keep behavioral issues at bay.

Our dog, Rocky, was thrilled to get home, as he loves the freedom of his doggie door so that he can go out in the yard whenever he wants. Here he is as his patriotic self in remembrance of 9-11.

We’d love to hear from you if you are doing anything special with your animal companions this summer….maybe a day at the beach, a horse show, a weekend at the lake, a summer trip or just a fun time at home.

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Feature Story –  September 11, 2001 Remembered

And more!
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Our long time client, Rita B. made a move from California to Texas and now her mom and her cat, Suzie have joined her. Congratulations to Rita and her human and animal family on their new home.  

We were sorry to hear that Biggie, who is part of Jenn H.’s family in Pittsburgh, PA is not feeling well. After a few days in the hospital, Biggie is home and gaining his strength. Biggie, you couldn’t have anyone better to watch over you than Jenn. Get better soon!
Pixy, who is part of Phing Phing C.’s family in Singapore, is sure happy about being rescued by a family with two boys. She just adores them and knows her job is to watch over them.  Aren't they adorable?   

And congratulations to Diane C. of Virginia Beach, VA. Diane has a new kitten named Casey joining her family. He is TOO cute!     

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“Compassion for animals is intimately connected with goodness of character: and it may be confidently asserted that he who is cruel to animals cannot be a good man. -- Arthur Schopenhauer

“The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue.” – Anonymous

“Som days you’re the dog; some days you’re the hydrant.” -- Unknown

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Danielle with her dogs, Lucky and Sally
  What is a Standard Communication Session?
A Standard Communication Session is the session that most people use. It includes 5 questions or areas of discussion for one animal.

You may have a particular issue that you want covered with your animal like telling them about your vacation plans, adding a new pet to the household or your plans for the family to move to a new home. People even ask those animals who came to them later in life what their life was like before they joined their family. The subjects are pretty much unlimited.

I am frequently asked if I can change an animal's bad behavior. I can certainly work with your animal companion to convince them to change their behavior but ultimately it is up to them to make the change, as I don't have any direct control over them. However, I will do my very best to convince them that this change is best for them and their family and most of the time, they do make a change. There are, however, instances that are best handled through physical training and I will be sure to tell you that before doing the session, so you have the option to decide if the communication session is the best way to approach the situation. 

Here's a comment from Cindy P. of Harrisburg, PA, who really needed a change in her cat's behavior. 

Danielle, I can’t thank you enough for communicating with my cat, Samson. I have noticed such a big change in his attitude and behavior since the session. It seems like he really listened to your suggestions and is following through. I am thrilled. Again, many thanks.

So are you interested in finding out the answers to the questions you've always wanted to ask your animal companion? Or do you have some messages to pass long?  Animal Connection is here to help you. 

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You Tube and Other Video Connections
            and some cute photos too!

These Golden Retrievers are just too funny! Click here to see their antics.
These animal pictures are just too cute. Click here to check them out.
Click here to check out this Huskie who refuses to go to the park. He’s pretty funny and insistant!
Feel free to email us with any You Tube, other video links or slide shows that you’ve enjoyed. We’ll post as many as we can and credit the first person who emailed us with the link. Also, feel free to send email video attachments. If I can find them published on YouTube, I’ll use them.

​​A Good Laugh​​

                    A Horse’s Perspective

Arena: Place where humans can take the fun out of forward motion.

Fence: Barrier that protects good grazing.

Grain: Sole virtue of domestication.

Hitching rail: Means by which to test one's strength.

Horse trailer: Mobile cave bear den.

Jump: An opportunity for self-expression.

Owner: Human assigned responsibility for one's feeding.

Rider: Owner overstepping its bounds.

Farrier: Disposable surrogate owner; useful for acting out aggression without compromising food supply.

Trainer: Owner with mob connections.

Veterinarian: Flightless albino vulture


From the Horse's Mouth - Feature Article
       September 11, 2001 Remembered

With the 18th anniversary of September 11th this month, I thought I would republish the article that I wrote following this tragic loss. It is a reminder that we can all help those people and animals who are emotionally hurting under whatever circumstances by sending positive, healing thoughts their way.

Here is the Animal Connection Newsletter article that was published in 2001.

September 11, 2001 will always be in our memories. As we mourn the loss of all those who tragically died from this event, we all deal with this in our own way.
Just like all of you, I was shocked when I heard the first reports coming over the news. Since I live on the West Coast, this was all happening before 6am our time. My husband was on his way to work and it didn’t take me long to ask him to please come home, since he works in a high rise building in San Diego, which is the home of the Pacific Navy Fleet.

Over the next few days, like many of you, I was glued to the TV and wondering what I could do to help. As I watched one of the search and rescue dogs coming out of the rubble, I burst into tears as I could feel his emotions. This brave Golden Retriever was doing his job so diligently. His job was to find bodies and yet, he had found none. He was depressed and confused. He only wanted to do his job.

I immediately shut off the TV and tried to communicate with him. I introduced myself, as I always do, and asked if he would communicate with me. He didn’t seem to question my presence at all. I told him that I had seen him on TV and he made me cry because he was so sad. I explained how many people were so proud of the work he was doing. I told him that I know how hard it is to keep searching and not have any success. But the work he was doing was helping so many families who were worried about their loved ones. I told him that I thought he was so brave and so special to have such an important job where he could be of service to so many.

I could feel this friendly Golden Retriever sigh. Although he felt that he had the weight of the world on his shoulders, it seemed to be a slight bit less heavy now.

Over the next few days I heard stories of the  dog handlers hiding in the rubble, so that their dogs could find them. They knew their dogs needed to feel some sense of success and reward. The rescuers might not admit that they telepathically communicate with their dogs but certainly they were feeling the depression and sense of failure that their dogs were feeling.

After this one communication, I decided that what I could do for those in NYC was to help their animals. There were stories of animals being left behind, stories of so many who had perished and then there were happy stories about those who had been reunited with their people. With this in mind I decided to do what I would call a broadcast communication, inviting all the animals in that area to hear to what I had to say.

Within seconds, I felt as though I was surrounded by animals…mostly cats and dogs but also a few fish, snakes, iguanas, mice, gerbils, and hamsters. The emotions and confusion that poured from these animals was so huge that I had to quickly tell them that I was there to help but I needed to have some order in how I would help.

I began with the group that I felt was most frightened, those who were still separated from their people. I explained that their own people and others were trying to reunite them with their families if they could. I told them that I was sorry to say that many people lost their lives and I did not know who would be reunited and who would not. I also reassured them that there were many people there to care for them and they would be treated kindly, no matter what. Almost all of them calmed down and said they were willing to wait. A few that were too overcome with emotion to comprehend what I was telling them required some individual communication, which I provided.

The next group I met with were those animals who had passed away but due to the suddenness and shock of it all, they didn’t realize that they had passed on into the spirit world. I explained that they needed to move on. Some would meet their people in the spirit world and others would be cared for by spirits they did not know but who loved them. At that point, one of the deceased search and rescue dogs asked if he could show them the way. He had been waiting for his partner to come back but now realized his partner was alive but he was not. He felt his last act of service was to guide the others on their way.

And finally, I met with the group of animals who had found their people again but were so frightened by all the events. Even some who were not right in the immediate area joined this group because the incident was too close for comfort. These animals told me how grateful they were to find their people and be reunited. Most wanted to give comfort to their human family but felt so needy themselves. I reassured them that what they were feeling was to be expected. They should try to stay close to their family for now, so they could all heal together. Apparently my youngest dog also picked up this message, because she would not stop begging me to touch her, which I think helped to heal us both.

I invite all of you who can communicate to send a message of reassurance to the animals in NYC. If you have not learned how to communicate yet then send positive, healing thoughts to the animals in the area. Just like us, their world has been shaken and they need our support.

Although this tragic event and this communication with the animals is now 18 years ago, I know it still touches my heart, especially at this time of the year. Please join me to continue sending positive, healing thoughts and prayers to the animals and families who were personally involved in this tragic day.

Portions of this newsletter may be reprinted with the written permission of Animal Connection. Several of our subscribers have used Animal Connection articles for publication in their animal association newsletters. We don’t mind at all. Just ask!​​

Animal Connection communicates with all species of animals. In the past, we have had the pleasure of communicating with a variety of cat, dog and horse breeds, birds, prairie dogs, cougars, mountain lions, mules, snakes, vultures, guinea pigs, turtles, ferrets, donkeys, llamas, pigs, coyotes, iguanas and even sugar gliders (you may need to Google the last one!)

All animals are welcomed!

Also, refer two new clients to us who purchase a session and you'll receive a $5 coupon from Animal Connection which may be used to purchase any of our products or services. This is our way of saying thank you for helping our business grow.
“Divine Spirit speaks to us through its creatures and through nature.” – Sri Harold Klemp

“The smallest feline is a masterpiece.” – Leonardo DaVinci

“We can judge the heart of man by his treatment of animals.” – Immanual Kant
​​ Some More Laughs!

                   You Know You’re a Dog Person When…..
You have a kiddie wading pool in the yard, but no small children.

You can’t see out the passenger side of the windshield because there are nose prints all over the inside.

Poop has become a source of conversation for you and your significant other.

You like people who like your dog. You despise people who don’t.

You carry dog biscuits in your purse at all times.

You talk about your dog the way other people talk about their kid.

You put an extra blanket on the bed so your dog is more comfortable.

You have 32 different names for your dog. Most make no sense, but the dog understands all of them.

Customer Comments

From Jenn H. of Pittsburg, PA… Thanks so much for all of your help!! I think Biggie and I would’ve been a collective mess without you!

From Myra M. of Laguna Niguel, CA… Danielle. I can’t thank you enough for communicating with Girlie.  This was a very insightful read for me and I appreciate you taking the time with us. You definitely nailed her personality. She is quite the diva!!!!!

From Sam. S of Seattle, WA…. Thank you so much for checking in with our cat, Tootie. We just weren’t sure if she’d like another cat to join the family. So it was good to hear her perspective on things. We’ll be looking for a new cat soon and an older cat, which Tootie suggested. Thanks again.
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Danielle Sender