Offering a wide range of animal communication services
  We communicate with all types of animals from cats to dogs to birds to horses and more! Choose from a single session to one for multiple animals. We also do sessions with animals who have passed away. Pricing starts at $45.  

Services and Products

Up to 5 questions or areas of
discussion with one animal are
included in this session. The cost is
$45 (U.S. currency only).
We convey the details you would like told to your animal to reassure them before/after surgery, vacation, boarding, showing or any other event which may be stressful for them. Emergency sessions are available. The cost is $45 per animal, per event (U.S. currency only)
For those animals who have passed away. Find out how your animal is doing now that they've moved into the after life. In addition to questions, messages may be passed on to the animal. Five questions or areas of discussion with one animal are included. The cost is $45 (U.S. currency only).

his session is scheduled according to your needs for multiple animals
or additional questions. Price varies by the number of animals and questions. Please complete an order form and we will quote a price by email. Of course, we'll get your okay on the price before we begin the session.

Making the Animal Connection can help you learn to communicate with your own animals. Booklets are $7.50 each, plus $1.50 shipping to U.S. addresses and a bit of tax for you Texans.
A unique gift for the animal lover in your life! Available in any dollar amount. What do most people choose? A $45 gift certificate which allows the recipient to choose between several sessions.
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