Animal Souls

From May 2001 - September 2001, Animal Connection presented a series of articles in the monthly newsletter about the experiences of animals who have passed away. Because of the overwhelming response to these articles, the 5 articles are reprinted here for your convenience. 

Part 1 - Animal Souls Live On

Many of us have been faced with the loss of a beloved animal through their death. Aside from the grief over the loss, many people also want to know what happens to their animal after they pass on. Some people are drawn to an animal communicator to verify that the animal is now at peace and to confirm that the right choice was made in helping their animal move out of their physical body. Others may try to communicate themselves with their animal who has passed on. 

For those of you who are practicing your animal communication skills and want to venture into this area, the skills needed to do this type of communication are the same as those you’ve been practicing. I thought that both those who are trying to communicate on their own and those who have always wondered about this topic might find it helpful and reassuring to know what animals have shared with me about their soul life after they’ve passed on.

But just a side note before I begin…. What I am sharing are my experiences based upon the work I’ve done over many years as an animal communicator. The purpose of sharing this information is to help people deal with this tragic time through a better understanding of how our animals view this time in their lives. 

Others of you may have different experiences or beliefs and I want to be clear that by no means do I feel that the information I have to share is all there is to know or the only truth. I would love to hear your ideas and share them with our subscribers if you would like them shared, as I hope that this newsletter is an opportunity for us to all share our thoughts, so that we may all further our understanding of our animals.

Now back to our topic…. In my experience, animals who pass away continue to live on in spirit or soul form. Transition between life on earth and their pure soul state varies depending upon several factors such as how accepting they are of their death, the suddenness of their death and also whether or not they are a less experienced or older soul.

I’ve found that animals who pass away, whether due to natural causes or because they have been euthanised, have their souls go into a resting state for a period of time. This period seems to help them make the transition from their physical body into their pure spirit form. Many times an animal cannot be reached for a communication during this time or even if they can be reached, it’s best to allow them this quiet time to more easily make their transition.

The length of the resting state seems to vary depending upon how long the soul needs to recuperate. I’ve known animals who have been very prepared for their deaths and were in this state less than a day by our earth time. I’ve known others who remained in this state much longer. Sometimes a sudden death, such as an accident, may take a longer transition too, as the animal was not prepared ahead of time and now needs time to acclimate to the change.

As an example, my 32-year-old horse, Scarborough was in the resting state for less than 4 hours. Two days before he was euthanised, he told me that he was not going to be around much longer. The day of death, we communicated for several hours about his life as Scarborough while he shared the beautiful view from his stall with me. He was very accepting of what was to come and even told me that within the last 48 hours he had begun to remember what it was like in the after life. Although he knew I would be sad, he wanted to reassure me that he knew where he was going and he would be fine. He told me he was going Home.

In contrast to Scarborough, my 14-year-old Labrador, Max, was a much younger soul and really clung to life beyond when her physical body was able to function. She could not see what was ahead and did not want to leave. After many communications with her, she finally agreed that we should help her to move on. However, after her death, she remained in her resting state for over six months, the longest resting state I have known. I did have brief communications with her during this time to be sure she was fine, but it was very evident that she needed all this time to adjust to her new soul life. She still was resisting the change on some level.

So after the resting period, what happens next? We’ll continue this in next month’s newsletter. Be sure to come back to find out more about the next steps and also other insights into this type of communication.

Let me just close this article by saying that in my experience, once you are family to an animal, you are always family to your animal. I’m told over and over again by those who have passed on that they continue to watch over their family. So next time there’s something that reminds you of an animal friend who has passed on, perhaps it’s a reminder that your animal companion is still watching over you.

Part 2 - Spirit Guides and Life Reviews

In Part 1 on losing a loved one, you read about how animal souls live on after our animals pass away. After they experience their transition time or resting time, what happens next? 

The animals I've communicated with tell me that they spend time with their spirit guide. This is a time to be welcomed home. 

Flight, a Quarter Horse who had belonged to Sandy M.'s family in Scranton, PA, told me that his spirit guide also helped to ease the transition over the loss of his family. His familiarity helped ease the emotional pain and emptiness that he felt because he left his family behind. 

The animal's spirit guide is a mentor and teacher. Spirit guides are more advanced souls who have taken on the job of watching over our animals while they are in both their physical and soul form. So for our animals to meet with their spirit guide again is a very joyful time. This guide is very familiar to them and brings them comfort. 

Our animals choose their lives on earth as a time for learning. Once an animal passes on to the after life, the animal and his spirit guide review that life and what was accomplished. As you may know from previous articles, our animals feel they have a job to do while they are with us. The review of their life includes how well they did that job and how well they interacted with the people around them.

I've been told on many occasions by domesticated animals that their bigger purpose is to serve people. This does not mean be subservient but it means that they choose a life of service or choose to do things for us as part of their life's mission. This gives them a great deal of satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. 

As the animal reviews their last physical life, they determine if they met their goals. Did they accomplish being a good companion, a teacher, a guardian, or a healer?  Did they do what they had set out to do? For most animals, as with people, they had some successful times in their lives doing what was needed, and then there were other times when they may have fallen short of their goals.

This life review is a time of learning.... of learning what went well and what could have been done better. As in the resting period, there is no given amount of time spent in this review. It really depends upon the animal, their spirit guide and also the learnings to be gained from their time on earth with us. 

I was told by Samantha, who had   been a beautiful Cocker Spaniel with Lynn T.'s family in Houston, TX, that this time of reviewing her life was a very joyous time. She was rested and accepting of the change that had happened. She was also very excited to see her spirit guide again. Although he had watched over her when she was with her family and she sensed him off and on during her life, there was nothing quite as joyful as the reunion when they were rejoined in the spirit world. Now that she was there again, she recalled how this felt over her many lifetimes.

Samantha went on to tell me about her life review. I wondered if this was a stressful time given that she would see those things she hadn't accomplished or those things that she hadn't done as they could have been. 

Samantha told me that it was actually an exciting time. Not only did she get to relive her life through her discussion with her spirit guide but she appreciated the learning that went on. Although she felt disappointment at times for missing opportunities or not doing the best she could for her family, this review was not a time of judgement by anyone but herself. Samantha told me that to live a life and not review it so she could improve the next time was a wasted life. Samantha said there was so much to learn by having the chance to review her life which couldn't be learned while she was actually experiencing it.

And so our animals continue to learn. They learn in new ways and through different methods. Come back next month to find out how this learning continues. 

Part 3 - Schooling for the Next Life

In Part 1 on losing a loved one, you read about how animal souls live on after our animals pass away. In Part 2, we told about how our animals meet their spirit guides and then review their life to see what they did well and what could have been improved. So what happens next?

After reviewing their lives, our animals start looking toward the future. They still remember their family and continue to watch over them, however, their focus is now on the future and preparing for it. This is done by brushing up on some old skills and learning new skills one. 

Believe it or not, our animals go to a school of sorts. It's a spiritual school where they learn about life lessons. They take the issues from their past life that they could have done better and work on those first. Their spirit guides help them through this time as well as other animal souls who specialize in teaching. For those with common problems, groups of animal souls meet together as a class and learn together. They share experiences from their life on earth and help each other in learning how to better handle that experience should it come up again.

Clementine, a calico cat who passed away several years ago and is part of Nancy M.'s family in Ocala, FL., recently told about her experiences in "school".  Clementine told me how she is just learning about what life is really like. She admitted to being a young soul who was very self-centered in her life with Nancy. She continually tried to sneak outside because that's where she thought the adventure was. Yet Nancy needed her to be an indoor cat to keep her elderly mother company. 

Clementine told me that in the review of her life, she realized how self-centered she was and how she really hadn't focused on the job she was supposed to do. Eventually, this led to her early death as one of her adventures caused her to be hit by a car and killed.

Clementine said that in her class, she was learning the basics all over again. She was learning how to make choices in the people she would live with and try to be a better match. She also was relearning that if the match isn't good, her purpose is to be of service and focus on her people.

Clementine said she was learning a lot and was very sorry about some of the choices she had made. Nancy said that Clementine brought a lot of joy to their home too, so she wanted Animal Connection to be sure to tell her not to be too hard on herself. There were many good things in her life along with those she needed to improve upon.

Clementine was in a class with other animals souls who were learning a similar lesson. She was beginning to think ahead to her next life and how she would do things better even in a similar circumstance.

Eddie, a black Labrador, also explained what his learning time was about. He had chosen a life of service as a companion dog originally but when he showed that he did not have the skills to do this, he became a family dog with Sam and Penny T. in Portland, OR. 

Eddie told me how he insisted upon being a service dog even though he had been warned by many of his teachers that he didn't have the skills to do this yet. To be a service dog requires being very unselfish and putting your person's needs above everything else. Generally, this is an older soul who has learned patience and the true meaning of service to people. Eddie's guides did not think he was ready for this yet. But Eddie insisted, so that was the life that was decided upon.

Looking back and now learning about the skills that he really needed for this job, Eddie was quick to admit that he was no where near ready for this type of work. However, he also knows that he can be stubborn and realizes that sometimes it's best to learn by doing. Eddie is now studying what it really takes to be a service animal. He admits that he still has a lot of schooling to go through and realizes he needs to be a more mature soul. He told Animal Connection that any dog that would insist upon being a service dog is not the right dog because that act alone shows how he is putting his wants in front of what is right. So it seems Eddie is already learning! He's also very thankful that he found a wonderful family in Sam and Penny, who accepted him for who he is.

Now don't think that all our animal souls do is work and work... there are some fun times too. Come back next month to read about this!

In the mean time, remember that your animal chooses to be with you for a very special purpose in their life and in yours! 

Part 4 - Recreation

In Part 1 on losing a loved one, you read about how animal souls live on after our animals pass away. In Part 2, we told about how our animals meet their spirit guides and then review their life to see what they did well and what could have been improved. And in our last article, Part 3 you read about how animal souls go to school to prepare them for their next lives with us. 

Although schooling is a big part of an animal soul life, it's not all work and no play. There is plenty of time for recreation and travel. Animal souls travel to different areas of the spirit world where they enjoy relaxing and playing. They usually travel in groups with friends.

Samuel, a beautiful Persian cat, told me that he and his group of friends had worked very hard on a particular lesson. Expecting more of the same the next time they met, their teacher told them that their lesson was a bit different that day. They were traveling to a new area of the spirit world where they would have the day to themselves.

I asked Samuel how long it took to travel there and he told me that as soon as it was a thought, they were there. He told me that they played games like tag and hide and seek and went exploring in what looking like a mountain area with beautiful trees. Samuel also said they went swimming and he enjoyed this since his life as a cat didn't include this pleasure.

Refreshed from their time at play, Samuel's group then went back to school the next day. He told me they have plans to do this again but plan to travel to a different place to explore.

Samuel reminded me that although playing is necessary, their real focus is to prepare for choosing their next life and their return to earth.

In next month's newsletter, our last article in this series will focus on how our animals choose their life and their people.

Part 5 - Choosing the Next Life

Our fifth and final article in this series is one that is near and dear to many of us. How do our animals choose their next life and their people? 

There is no mistaking that our animals choose their lives and their people. Each animal has a purpose in life and decides before choosing their next life on earth how best to accomplish this purpose. This includes the type of animal that best suits their work as well as the people who will enable them to complete their purpose.

Many people want their animals who have passed on to return to them again. This does sometimes happen if there is unfinished business. However, I've also found many animals are clear that their purpose with particular people is completed. So they choose to take what they learned and share it with another family or move on to people who can help them develop and complete their next purpose while on earth. 

I communicated with a dog, Samson, many years ago who died very unexpectedly in surgery. His family was so grief-stricken and feeling very guilty. They wanted him to come back to them as another dog more than anything. 

Samson explained to me that this was not going to happen. His purpose had been to receive love from a family, which he had never experienced before. Now he was going to share that love with a person who needed it and then they in turn would share it with another animal. This was his next life's purpose.

As Samson was explaining all this he showed me a picture of a tree that started out with one leaf, then two as the love spread and then it continued to grow and grow. He said if he went back to the same family, then he couldn't achieve his higher purpose which was to start this domino effect of love being passed between people and animals.

I know most of us would love for our animals to come back to us again through another animal and sometimes they do. But sometimes by them moving on, we help to initiate a much greater plan.

So no matter which animal chooses to cross your path in life, just remember that there is meaning to this meeting and you may be the one chosen to help them fulfill their purpose through your love, care and dignity that you provide during their life and as they pass on.